Well Shit. I guess I am doing this:

Hoping to make the debut show of the 9bRadio reboot this weekend. Hope people still care enough to listen. There will be a show by Monday provided the Libsyn tutorial I downloaded explains how to get it onto 9bRadio.net. If it doesn’t; new show as soon as I figure all of that out.

Is is good to be back. I think I have a rad show for y’all.

Another video while we wait for me to get everything ready for shows:

This is a really fun song I stumbled across about 6 months ago and have revisited a many times since. The work for the site is complete as of tonight. I feel like I will be getting the graphics soon. After that it is just signing up for a podcast host and making the shows. I am, honestly, excited. I have a feeling there will be multiple shows a month for a few months just because I am super hyped. I am a little worried I have lost the “ear to the street” vibe that 9b had back in the day but we’ll find out soon enough.


More later. For now. I need a logo. Do you have design skills that can make me a header? If so, please, hit me up. I can not offer you any of that awesome ass exposure but I can offer you some boring old cash. Anyhow. See y’all in a month or so. Till then here is an awesome ass cover/remix from Nashville’s newest supergroup; The Highwomen.