Hello everyone and welcome to the final episode of 2019 for Ninebullets Radio. I wish I were gonna be able to get another episode in before 2020 but my travel schedule and with the Christmas holidays it just isn’t gonna be in the cards. With that said….

Man! 2019 was an awesome year for music wasn’t it? This episode clocks in at 2 hours and features some of my favorite songs from 2019. Sadly, the show could have been 4 hours long so it is needless to say that a lot of really great songs on the cutting room floor. Decisions were made and I hope you enjoy what I ended up with.

Everyone have a great Christmas and a safe New Year and I will see y’all in 2020.

TRACK LISTING: [Artist – Song (Album)]

01. Sturgill Simpson – Sing Along (Sound & Fury)
02. Tim Barry – April’s Fool (The Roads To Richmond)
03. Matt Woods – My Southern Heart (Natural Disasters)
04. Nolan Taylor – Realize (Single)
05. Zach Bryan – Doing Fine (DeAnn)
06. Vincent Neil Emerson – Letters on the Marquee (Fried Chicken & Evil Women)
07. J.S. Ondara – Television Girl (Tales of America)
08. Emisunshine and the Rain – Family Wars (Family Wars)
09. The Highwomen – Loose Change (The Highwomen)
10. Robert Ellis – He Made Me Do It (Texas Piano Man)
11. Vandoliers – Bottom Dollar Boy (Forever)
12. Have Gun, Will Travel – Blood On The Stage (Strange Chemistry)
13. Little Teeth – Bender (Redefining Home)
14. Benjamin Tod – Long Gone (A Heart of Gold is Hard to Find)
15. Lost Dog Street Band – Terrible And True (The Weight Of A Trigger)
16. Ian Noe – Letter to Madeline (Between The Country)
17. Karen & the Sorrows – Guaranteed Broken Heart (Guaranteed Broken Heart)
18. Charlie Marie – Rhinestones (Self-Titled EP)
19. Mike and the Moonpies – Danger (Cheap Silver and Solid Country Gold)
20. The Dead South – Black Lung (Sugar & Joy)
21. John Moreland – East October (LP5)
22. Charles Wesley Godwin – Seneca Creek (Seneca)
23. Morgan Wade – The Night (single)
24. Jade Jackson – Loneliness (Wilderness)
25. Micah Schnabel – Gentle Always (The Teenage Years of The 21st Century)
26. Whiskey Myers – Bury My Bones (Whiskey Myers)
27. Dan Bern – Regent Street (Regent Street)
28. Cody Jinks – Ain’t a Train (After The Fire)
29. I See Hawks in L.A. & The Good Intentions – Things Like This (Hawks With Good Intentions)

Bold = Request

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Episode 07: posted 12.09.2019