The state of Spotify and 9b Radio:

It just isn’t gonna happen it appears. They have dug their feet in and are saying it (the show) is a tool for musical distribution and that is not allowed in the Spotify for Podcasters portion of the service. They suggest I do through something like Distrokid or Tunecore but I think I would have to get licensing for every song I played on the show and that is time/cost prohibitive for what is essentially a vanity project. So. No more Spotify. The show can still be heard via the web site, Apple Podcasts, Google Music, and Stitcher. If there are any other places you can think of where I should list it let me know.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Ninebullets Radio: Episode 09

Hey everyone. Ninebullets Radio coming in here in an obvious attempt to slide into your Superbowl pregame/party playlist.

We have some pretty awesome material in this episode. Brand new Possessed By Paul James, John Moreland, Isaac Hoskins, Nathaniel Ratliff, and a whole slew of others. The more I listen to that new Margot Price song the more I like it and I am utterly smitten with Marth Divine from Ashley McBryde. At 118 minutes this is the longest show since rebooting the whole thing but it seems that around 2 hours is gonna be the norm. I guess it’s muscle memory from have the live show on 88.5.

Anyhow. I hope you like this show as much as I do and please, tell a friend about it.

Here is the playlist [Artist – Song (Album)]:

01. Scott H. Biram – Been Down Too Long (Sold Out to the Devil)
02. Lucero – Everything Has Changed (Among The Ghosts)
03. Nikki Lane – Gone, Gone, Gone (Walk of Shame)
04. Van Darien – Twisted Metal (Levee)
05. Possessed by Paul James – In the Dark of Morning (As We Go Wandering)
06. Charles Wesley Godwin – Seneca Creek (Seneca)
07. Emily Scott Robinson – Ghost in Every Town (Traveling Mercies)
08. Justin Wells – Ruby (Burl Sessions)
09. The Dungarees – Broken Down (Twenty Something)
10. Sadler Vaden – Golden Child (Anybody Out There?)
11. Mercy Bell – No Prayer (Mercy Bell)
12. Karen & the Sorrows – Guaranteed Broken Heart (Guaranteed Broken Heart)
13. Morgan Wade – The Night (Single)
14. Drive-By Truckers – 21st Century USA (The Unraveling)
15. Andy Brasher – Day Of The Trial (Andy Brasher)
16. Isaac Hoskins – Pickin’ ‘Em Up & Puttin’ ‘Em Down (Sell The Farm)
17. Jade Jackson – Loneliness (Wilderness)
18. David Allen – Trail of Broken Hearts (Regrets and Retribution)
19. Benjamin Tod – Long Gone (A Heart Of Gold Is Hard To Find)
20. John Moreland – Harder Dreams (LP5)
21. Caleb Caudle – Better Hurry Up (Better Hurry Up)
22. Josh Smith – Dogwood Winter
23. Nathaniel Rateliff – And It’s Still Alright (And It’s Still Alright)
24. Zach Bryan – Heading South (single)
25. Nolan Taylor – Realize (single)
26. Triggers & Slips – The Stranger (The Stranger)
27. Nick Pagliari – When I Leave (When I Leave)
28. Margo Price – Stone Me (Stone Me)
29. Ashley McBryde – Martha Divine (Never Will)

Bold = Request

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Episode 09: posted 02.01.2020