I have been marinating on this episode for a while now. The basic idea was to feature who I think are the next batch of artists that will become known commodities outside of the circle of 10,000 of us around the country that follow the underground “roots” scene closely. Some of the featured artists are no brainers and some might, in your opinion, be reaches. Either way it made for a fun show to put together. So here you go. If you find yourself with an hour to spare, put your ears on this and listen to who I believe are the risers in our midst.

Here is the playlist [Artist – Song (Album)]:

01. Zach Bryan – Heading South (Heading South)
02. Tony Logue – Road to Richmond (Jericho)
03. Taylor McCall – Highway Will (Black Powder Soul)
04. Charles Wesley Godwin – Lyin’ Low (How The Mighty Fall)
05. Nolan Taylor – 68 (Live)
06. Logan Halstead – Dark Black Coal
07. Kat Hasty – The Highway Song (OurVinyl Sessions)
08. Margo Cilker – That River (Pohorylle)
09. Cole Chaney – The Flood (Mercy)
10. 49 Winchester – Long Hard Life (Long Hard Life)
11. EmiSunshine – Family Wars (Family Wars)
12. John R. Miller – Red Eyes (The Trouble You Follow)
13. Ian Noe – Letter to Madeline (Between The Country)
14. Sierra Ferrell – In Dreams (GemsOnVHS)
15. Drayton Farley – Pitchin’ fits (A Hard Up Life)
16. Joshua Ray Walker – Sexy After Dark (See You Next Time)

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Episode 34: posted 03.13.2022