Never offended by the outlaws, Ninebullets Radio walks the well worn dusty streets of the Americana musical scene by day stopping at every drinking song and murder ballad along the way.

By night Ninebullets Radio isn’t afraid to get its feet muddy traipsing through the Mississippi delta looking for the jukejoints featuring tattooed kids putting their own punk skin on a genre made famous by greats like T-Model Ford, Pinetop Perkins & R.L. Burnside.

I started Ninebullets Radio started as a monthly podcast for the web site ninebullets.net before being picked up and given a 1 hour radio show on Thursday nights at 88.5 FM WMNF in Tampa. After continued fund raising success and popularity growth the live show was moved to 2 hours on Saturday afternoons where it remained until I moved to Nashville in 2014. After being completely off the air for a little over a year Ninebullets Radio returned to the HD online streaming channel at WMNF with a weekly 2 hour show for a period of time. Ultimately, this proved to be too large of a time demand for me so after 63 shows I stepped away from WMNF a second time.

While producing a 2 hour show from Nashville for a station in Tampa proved to be too time demanding on a weekly basis I never stopped wanting to bring music to people so here we are. We are back to where it all began. Think Liev Schreiber’s character in the movie Goon. The plan? A one hour podcast each month. I might post a little more than that and I might get busy and post less for a period of time. I think I am also gonna post song debuts that I like as they hit Youtube. I will not be posting record reviews or critical opinions on music.

Either way. Three listeners or three hundred. Let’s do the damned thing.

Bryan Childs
email: dj@9bradio.net


P.S. Don’t hit me up about advertising. I am not interested in monetizing this hobby. Only playing and promoting the music I, personally, love.