Ninebullets Radio Debut: Matt Woods – Getaway Driver

Matt Woods recently stopped by the Ninebullets Radio compound (our living room) to debut a brand new song. Tune in. Enjoy. While we are idle in our social lives Matt has been working on some stuff and will have news you will like in the coming weeks. Till then, enjoy a new song and if you can donate a bone or two to another grounded touring musician:
Venmo: @therealmattwoods
Cash App: $therealmattwoods

Another video while we wait for me to get everything ready for shows:

This is a really fun song I stumbled across about 6 months ago and have revisited a many times since. The work for the site is complete as of tonight. I feel like I will be getting the graphics soon. After that it is just signing up for a podcast host and making the shows. I am, honestly, excited. I have a feeling there will be multiple shows a month for a few months just because I am super hyped. I am a little worried I have lost the “ear to the street” vibe that 9b had back in the day but we’ll find out soon enough.


More later. For now. I need a logo. Do you have design skills that can make me a header? If so, please, hit me up. I can not offer you any of that awesome ass exposure but I can offer you some boring old cash. Anyhow. See y’all in a month or so. Till then here is an awesome ass cover/remix from Nashville’s newest supergroup; The Highwomen.