Ninebullets Radio – An Americana Music Podcast: Episode 16: Ladies night edition

I have learned over the years of podcasting and radio that not every show will be fire. Most will be good. Some will be failures and some will just be monsters. I think this week’s show is a monster. I have been doing these weekly one hour shows in as much as an effort to break up my own boredom as anything else but I felt like this show deserved the full 9B Radio treatment. So we’re clocking in at 1 hour and 43 minutes of women killing it in the modern Americana scene. I had pulled the Dolly, the Loretta, the Emmylou’s and the Patsy’s but had to kill them because there are just too many women just beastmodeing this shit in 2020 to even fuck with legacy acts. Yes. I know I left a lot of mad talented women on the cutting room floor. It is not a statement to their talent. I love Lilly Hiatt just as much as you it was just the song I pulled never mixed well as it’s all about the flow in the end. Anyhow. I hope y’all think this show is as good as I do.

Here is the playlist [Artist – Song (Album)]:

01. Dan Bern – Chick Singers (Fifty Eggs)
02. Larkin Poe – Preachin’ Blues (Peach)
03. Gin Wigmore – Black Sheep (Gravel & Wine)
04. Ashley McBryde – Martha Divine (Martha Divine)
05. Karen & The Sorrows – Back Down To The Dirt (The Narrow Place)
06. Frazey Ford – Done (Indian Ocean)
07. Nikki Lane – Gone, Gone, Gone (Walk Of Shame)
08. Emisunshine and the Rain – Family Wars (Family Wars)
09. Kathleen Edwards – I Make The Dough, You Get The Glory (Asking for Flowers)
10. Gillian Welch – Look At Miss Ohio (Soul Journey)
11. Carolyn Mark – Two Days Smug and Sober (The Pros and Cons of Collaboration)
12. Eilen Jewell – High Shelf Booze (Letters from Sinners and Strangers)
13. Caroline Spence – Hotel Amarillo (Spades and Roses)
14. Those Darlins – Ain’t Afraid (Blur The Line)
15. Elle King – Shame (Shake The Spirit)
16. Becky Warren – Call Me Sometime (War Surplus)
17. Dixie Chicks – Not Ready To Make Nice (Taking The Long Way)
18. Van Darien – Twisted Metal (Levee)
19. Caitlyn Smith – Starfire (Starfire)
20. Morgan Wade & the Stepbrothers – Songs I Won’t Remember (Puppets With My Heart)
21. Emily Scott Robinson – Ghost in Every Town (Traveling Mercies)
22. Jade Jackson – Loneliness (Wilderness)
23. Sarah Shook & the Disarmers – Good As Gold (Years)
24. Charlie Marie – Rhinestones (Rhinestones)
25. Taylor Swift – Shake It Off (1989)

Bold = Request

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Episode 16: posted 05.10.2020

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