Ninebullets Radio – An Americana Music Podcast: Episode 17: The Elephant In The Room Edition

I’ll be honest with y’all. I had planned for the women’s show to be the last themed show. I had planned for this to be the return to normalcy in Ninebullets Radio land. Well. As 2020 and particularly the last week and half have shown. Nothing is normal and as a result, this show can’t be either. I deeply believe that there is truth in the saying that silence is complicity and I refuse to be complicit in any manner to what we are seeing from our government and the police. So. Today I will utilize my platform, this show, however meger it may be to raise my voice and some of the voices in the black community. I understand this will likely anger some of my listeners and they will decide to “cancel” me. I am fine with that and will sleep better with you not being in the fold. Just please cancel me silently. I don’t need a email, DM, or Facebook message telling me you’re cancelling. I grew up in Plant City, Florida and I have heard enough ignorant white rants to last me a lifetime.

With that said.

As you can likely tell from that opening spoken word piece from the incredibly talented poet, RJ Walker this is not gonna be a positive show. I’m sorry I can’t offer you a playlist that’s peppered with optimism and hope. Truth is. Any hope I had died in the 8 minutes I spent watching George Floyd call for his mother as he died. Any optimism that was left in me died as I stared at all the names in the image at the top of this post. This show is gonna be defiant, destructive and, frankly, pissed off. I am pissed off. I am especially pissed off cause, as Brother Ali says in this show, “Fist is raised but I must be insane because I can’t figure a single goddamn way to change it.” Just like you I am watching the news and seeing people protesting police brutality being met with increased police brutality. So what the fuck are we, as citizens, supposed to do with that?

I am sad I have to do this show. That said, I’m here. I am showing up, as a white person to say: Yes. White Privilege exists (and as a white male I cash in on this twice). Yes. Systemic racism exists in every aspect of American culture. And Yes. Black Lives Matter.

I hope you listen to this entire show. I know white privilege is a tough thing for white people to confront in the solitude of their own living room much less in the company of others. What I am saying is that some of what you might hear in the next hour and 15 minutes might make you squirm a little. That is okay. We live in a country that treats racism like that stitch in your side that you don’t learn is cancer until it has metastasized. So. Please listen to the entire thing and try to see the point of views these songs and speeches present. I feel like this is an important show. I know that it is all over the place genre wise but I picked these songs deliberately for their messages, not the banjo.

Anyhow. Here is the playlist [Artist – Song (Album)]:

01. RJ Walker – Said the Confederate Flag to the American Flag
02. Clutch – The Mob Goes Wild (Blast Tyrant)
03. Corrosion of Conformity – Vote With A Bullet (Blind)
04. Rage Against the Machine – Know Your Enemy (Rage Against The Machine)
05. Prophets Of Rage – Unfuck The World (Prophets of Rage)
06. Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young – Ohio (4 Way Street)
07. Jimmy LaFave – Worn Out American Dream (Buffalo Return to the Plains)
08. Drive-By Truckers – What It Means (What It Means)
09. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – White Privilege II (This Unruly Mess I’ve Made)
10. Brother Ali – Uncle Sam Goddamn (The Undisputed Truth)
11. LL Cool J – Black Lives Matter Freestyle
12. Frank Turner – Make America Great Again (Be More Kind)
13. Kory Quinn – Last Broken Town (Black Gold Blues)
14. William Elliot Whitmore – Mutiny (Animals in the Dark)
15. Kimberly Jones – How Can We Win
16. Run The Jewels – JU$T (feat. Pharrell Williams & Zack de la Rocha) (RTJ4)

Bold = Request

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Episode 17: posted 06.07.2020

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