Ninebullets Radio – An Americana Music Podcast: Episode 18: The Search For The New Normalcy Edition:

Sorry I had to start this show the same way I ended the last show but what has really changed?

Anyone who thought I was gonna come out hard in the last show, pat myself on the back, and move on doesn’t know me. Truth is. Since the last show the police have fired an unknown amount of tear gas at peaceful protesters. Truth is, since my last show the police have killed 3 more unarmed black men shooting one in the back as he ran away from them. Truth is, since my last show 5 black men have been found hanging from trees.

In 20-fucking-20.

I want this show to get back to (open quote) normal (close quote) but I have no figured out what normal is yet but I think I am closer to it with this show than I was 3 months ago.

I am political as eff. If you know me, you know I have strong opinion on politics and that viewpoint is most definately gonna bleed into this podcast. Don’t like it? Leave.

Got some pretty killer stuff for y’all in this episode. Brand new material from Matt Woods, Justin Wells, Will Quinlan, Margo Price, Larkin Poe, Jamie Wyatt, Morgan Wade and Zach Bryan. Got a collection of requests and some more social commentary via music.

I hope y’all enjoy our, largely, return to the normal format.

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Here is the playlist [Artist – Song (Album)]:

01. Run The Jewels – JU$T (RTJ4)
02. Kimberly Jones – How Can We Win
03. Will Hoge – Still a Southern Man (My American Dream)
04. Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit – White Man’s World (Live From The Ryman)
05. American Aquarium – A Better South (Lamentations)
06. Tyler Childers – Nose On The Grindstone (OurVinyl Sessions)
07. Morgan Wade – Through Your Eyes (OurVinyl Sessions)
08. Vincent Neil Emerson – Letters on the Marquee (Fried Chicken & Evil Women)
09. Larkin Poe – Holy Ghost Fire (Self Made Man)
10. Have Gun, Will Travel – Blood On The Stage (Strange Chemistry)
11. Vandoliers – Bottom Dollar Boy (Forever)
12. Matt Woods – Tomorrow’s All We Have (Mornings After)
13. Caleb Caudle – Wait a Minute (Better Hurry Up)
14. Jaime Wyatt – Goodbye Queen (Neon Cross)
15. Justin Wells – The Screaming Song (The United State)
16. Dirt Reynolds -Lee County (Scalawag)
17. Sylvia Rose Novak – Flowers For The Fortunate (Bad Luck)
18. Zach Bryan – Come as You Are (Elisabeth)
19. Will Quinlan & The Holy Slow Train – In Remembrance of…(Rabbit)
20. Sarah Shook & the Disarmers – Good As Gold (Years)
21. Ian Noe – Letter to Madeline (Between The Country)
22. Brent Cobb – The World Is Ending (The World Is Ending)
23. Margo Price – Letting Me Down (That’s How Rumors Get Started)
24. Salam Fatayer – Say Their Names
25. The Chicks – March March (Gaslighter)

Bold = Request

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Episode 18: posted 06.28.2020

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