Ninebullets Radio – An Americana Music Podcast: Episode 21:

Back up in here with a new show for y’all!

What? The Tampa Bay Lightning made it out of the first round of the NHL playoffs? 2020 just keeps getting weirder but an announced new album from Jon Snodgrass means it is also getting better and we have the debut single up in here. A new track from Justin Wells and Lydia Loveless dropped since we were last together and I managed to get them in here with that new Otis Gibbs. Just saying. There is a lot of good ish up in there and we close it with that new Miley Cyrus single that is is 80s nostalgic I dug out my old ALF cup.

Anyhow. Enjoy and, please, share this show.

Here is the playlist [Artist – Song (Album)]:

01. Adam Lee – Ninebullets Intro
02. Casper Allen – Stars Like Solids (Vol 1)
03. Matt Woods – Sunshine (Mornings After)
04. Larkin Poe – Back Down South (Self-Made Man)
05. Jeff Shepherd – Black Widow (Single)
06. Ward Davis – I’m Not the Devil (I’m Not the Devil)
07. Willie Nelson w/Lukas Nelson – Just Breathe (Heroes)
08. Craig Gerdes – If Guitars Were Guns (Tough As Nails)
09. Ned Hill – Lonely Heart Of Mine (By The Light Of The Radio)
10. Benchmarks – Wolves Outside The Door (Summer, Slowly)
11. Country Westerns – It’s Not Easy (Country Westerns)
12. Jon Snodgrass – Don’t Break Her Heart (Tace)
13. Justin Wells – Walls Fall Down (United State)
14. Great Peacock – Help Me Lord (Forever Worse Better)
15. Lydia Loveless – Wringer (Daughter)
16. Michael Dean Damron – Outlaw Song (A Perfect Day For A Funeral)
17. Emisunshine and the Rain – Family Wars (Family Wars)
18. Otis Gibbs – Blood (Hoosier National)
19. Jerry Joseph – Sugar Smacks (The Beautiful Madness)
20. Kolby Cooper – One Night Stand (Vol 2)
21. Luke Scott – Jess Don’t Know Jesus (Ceiling and Visibility Limited)
22. Lissie – Just Because I Can (Single)
23. The Northern Belle – Gemini (We Wither, We Bloom)
24. Skylar Gregg – Witch Hunt (Roses)
25. Jason Isbell – Maybe It’s Time (Single)
26. Miley Cyrus – Midnight Sky (Single)

Bold = Request

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Episode 21: posted 08.23.2020

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