Ninebullets Radio – An Americana Music Podcast: Episode 23:

October is here! The days are getting cooler and shorter, the Lightning won the Stanley Cup and butternut squash soup is on the stove-top. All is good and the fact that I am actually going to go see a show for the first time since March next weekend suggests life, even if for just one last weekend this year, life will get even better.

Speaking off good, peep this playlist! We got that good shit all up and down this bitch. Elizabeth Cook has released one of the top 5 albums this year and These Days is easily one of my favorite songs of the year. We also got new material from Amanda Shires, Richard Inman, Low Cut Connie, Jon Snodgrass, Lucero, The Drive-By Truckers and so many others.

So. The as the days get shorter and cooler put this show on your speakers and spend 120 minutes finding so great new songs!

Here is the playlist [Artist – Song (Album)]:

01. Adam Lee – Ninebullets Intro (Single)
02. Tyler Childers – Long Violent History (Long Violent History)
03. Tré Burt – Under the Devil’s Knee (Single)
04. Sunniva Lundh – Shade Of Green (Fall With Grace)
05. Low Cut Connie – Help Me (Private Lives)
06. Elizabeth Cook – These Days (Aftermath)
07. Liz Longley – Funeral for My Past (Funeral for My Past)
08. Justin Wells – Ruby (The United State)
09. Drive-By Truckers – The New OK (The New OK)
10. Austin Lucas – Already Dead (Alive In The Hot Zone!)
11. Richard Inman – What Was I Thinking (Faded Love Better Days)
12. Jason Isbell And The 400 Unit – Go It Alone (Here We Rest)
13. Matt Woods – Sunshine (Mornings After)
14. Whiskey Myers – Houston County Sky (Whiskey Myers)
15. Little Teeth – Amphetamine (Redefining Home)
16. Daniel Romano – First Yoke (How Ill Thy World Is Ordered)
17. Becky Warren – Good Luck (The Sick Season)
18. The Band Of Heathens – Hurricane (Top Hat Crown & the Clapmaster’s Son)
19. Lydia Loveless – Wringer (Daughter)
20. Arlo Mckinley – Whatever You Want (Die Midwestern)
21. Shaker Hymns – Right or Wrong (Ties That Bind)
22. The Lowdown Drifters – Alright (Single)
23. Jon Snodgrass – BoyzIIMen (Tace)
24. Sammy Kay – Better/Worse (Single)
25. Lucero – Time to Go Home (Single)
26. Brent Cobb – Keep ‘Em on They Toes (Keep ‘Em on They Toes)
27. Amanda Shires – The Problem (Single)
28. Sarah Jarosz – I’ll Be Gone (World On The Ground)
29. Zach Bryan – Oklahoma City (Single)

Bold = Request

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Episode 23: posted 10.04.2020

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  1. Hey Bryan!
    Just some random person in Canada who wanted to tell you I miss your show! Hope you’re doing just fine..

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