Here at home I have a musical filing system that works for me. If an album is going to be a fun summer album that I’ll move on from once the days begin to get shorter then I keep it in the local library and enjoy it all summer and then archive it. That said, albums I know I will listen to and/or reference multiple times in the future get moved to a nice Raid array I have camping out on the network where I can see them at home, at the office, in the car, etc. Well, this show features songs from albums that have made that move between the months of December and April. A recap of the first 1/2 of 2021 if you will.

I hope y’all enjoy it.

Here is the playlist [Artist – Song (Album)]:

01. American Aquarium – Some Girls Do (Slappers, Bangers & Certified Twangers Vol. 1)
02. Arlo Mckinley – Whatever You Want (Die Midwestern)
03. Elizabeth Cook – These Days (Aftermath)
04. Larkin Poe – Holy Ghost Fire (Self Made Man)
05. Country Westerns – Anytime (Country Westerns)
06. Lucero – Coffin Nails (When You Found Me)
07. Zach Bryan – Crooked Teeth (Quiet, Heavy Dreams)
08. Low Cut Connie – Help Me (Private Lives)
09. Miley Cyrus – Plastic Hearts (Plastic Hearts)
10. The Barlow – Horseshoe Lounge (Horseshoe Lounge)
11. The Devil Makes Three – Dead Body Moving (I’m A Stranger Here)
12. Passenger – Suzanne (Songs For The Drunk and Broken Hearted)
13. Richard Inman – Faded Love Better Days (Faded Love Better Days)
14. Forty Elephant Gang – Songs of Praise (Next Time Round)
15. Morgan Wade – Don’t Cry (Reckless)
16. Sara Petite – Scars (Rare Bird)
17. Jonathan Terrell – Never Makes a Sound (Westward)
18. Bella White – Just Like Leaving (Just Like Leaving)
19. Drayton Farley – Pitchin’ Fits (A Hard Up Life)
20. Beth Lee – Yale St and 45 (Waiting On You Tonight)
21. Joe Pug – Outlaw (The Divining Sun)
22. Addison Johnson – Barely Gettin’ By (Dark Side of the Mountain)
23. Whiskey Foxtrot – Breeze (Hard Lines & Headlights)
24. Loretta Lynn – Still Woman Enough (feat. Reba McEntire & Carrie Underwood) (Stil Woman Enough)
25. 49 Winchester – Long Hard Life (III)
26. Kasey Anderson – Some Depression (Let The Bloody Moon Rise)
27. Kenny Feidler – Cowboy Killers (The Cowboy Killers)
28. Sarah Hughes Band – Catastrophe (Memphis)
29. Jeremy Porter And The Tucos – Put You On Hold (Candy Coated Cannonboall)
30. Elise Davis – Lady Bug (Anxious. Happy. Chill)

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Episode 29: posted 05.23.2021

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