I recorded and posted this podcast on October 19th. As is turns out. That is also the anniversary of the morning Chris Porter died in a tragic accident where his tour bus was hit at a standstill by a tractor trailer coming in hot at full speed. Chris was a buddy to a lot of us. Realizing that, I decided that I needed to open and close the show with songs from him. It’s been 3 years. It feels like longer and his voice is missed in this scene.

With that said….

Got that new ish from Morgan Wade, Tim Barry, Cody Jinks, Ian Noe, and plenty others (just scroll down to see) as well as some classics from Kathleen Edwards and Chuck Ragan. Come on! Get nerdy and give me one hundred and eleven minutes to try and turn you onto a new band…

TRACK LISTING: [Artist – Song (Album)]

01. Porter & The Bluebonnet Rattlesnakes – Go On and Leave Me (Don’t Go Baby
It’s Gonna Get Weird Without You)

02. Karen & The Sorrows – Back Down To The Dirt (The Narrow Place)
03. Frazey Ford – Done (Indian Ocean)
04. Kathleen Edwards – I Make The Dough, You Get The Glory (Asking For Flowers)
05. Morgan Wade – The Night (single)
06. Have Gun, Will Travel – Tidal Wave (Strange Chemistry)
07. Jeffrey Martin – Coal Fire (Dogs In The Daylight)
08. The Bones Of J.R. Jones – The Drop (Ones To Keep Close)
09. Larkin Poe – Preachin’ Blues (Peach)
10. Dan Bern – Regent Street (Regent Street)
11. Zach Bryan – Heading South (Single)
12. The Dead South – Black Lung (Sugar & Joy)
13. Kelsey Waldon – White Noise, White Lines (White Noise/White Lines)
14. Chris Knight – Crooked Mile (Almost Daylight)
15. Kendell Marvel – Hard Time with the Truth (Solid Gold Sounds)
16. Sammy Kay – See You Soon (Civil/War)
17. John Moreland – East October (LP5)
18. John R. Miller – Red Eyes (The Trouble You Follow)
19. Vandoliers – Bottom Dollar Boy (Forever)
20. Tim Barry – April’s Fool (The Roads To Richmond)
21. Jeremy Ivey – Laughing Willy (The Dream and The Dreamer)
22. Ian Noe – Dead on the River (Between The Country)
23. Cody Jinks – Ain’t a Train (After The Fire)
24. Little Teeth – Avondale (Redefining Home)
25. Chuck Ragan – Nomad By Fate (Covering Ground)
26. Back Row Baptists – Wood & Steel (Broken Hearts & Bad Decisions)

Bold = Request

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Episode 04: posted 10.19.2019

This show is dedicated to Mr. Chris Porter. God speed brother…the rest of us miss ya!

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