Coming back at you with episode #5 of the Ninebullets Podcast. Have you listened to the other 4? Have you listened to the other 4? Have you told a friend about the show? If the answer to either of those is “no” then please make an effort to change that this month. Also, leave a comment telling me your favorite song in this episode. It would be rad to know I am not talking to nobody.

This episode has some fantastic stuff in it. You heard of EmiSunshine? If not, you’re in for one heck of a treat. There is also new material from The Heavy Horses, John Moreland, Morgan Wade, Austin Jenckes, Karen & The Sorrows and plenty of requests to keep your musical id satisfied. So set aside an hour and a half and put your ears in this.

See y’all in a few weeks.

TRACK LISTING: [Artist – Song (Album)]

01. Riley Baugus with DaShawn & Wendy Hickman, and Joebass – Last Pale Light in the West
02. Jimbo Pap – Long Kiss Goodbye (It Can Always Get Worse)
03. Matt Woods – My Southern Heart (Natural Disasters)
04. Ian Noe – Dead on the River (Between The Country)
05. EmiSunshine and the Rain – Family Wars (Family Wars)
06. Morgan Wade – The Night (Single)
07. Lost Dog Street Band – Terrible And True (Weight Of A Trigger)
08. Karen & the Sorrows – Guaranteed Broken Heart (Guaranteed Broken Heart)
09. Drag The River – Br00tal (You Can’t Live This Way)
10. Little Teeth – Avondale (Redefining Home)
11. Austin Jenckes – Never Left Memphis (If You Grew Up Like I Did)
12. Whiskey Myers – Houston County Sky (Whiskey Myers)
13. Micky And The Motorcars – Road to You (Long Time Comin’)
14. Have Gun, Will Travel – American History (Strange Chemistry)
15. Vandoliers – Bottom Dollar Boy (Forever)
16. Cody Jinks – Hippies & Cowboys (Less Wise)
17. The Heavy Horses – Eyes On Me (With Darkness In My Eyes)
18. Zach Bryan – Heading South (single)
19. Isaac Hoskins – Concrete Life (Half Empty)
20. Charles Wesley Godwin – Shrinks and Pills (Seneca)
21. Tyler Childers – House Fire (Country Squire)
22. John Moreland – East October (LP5)
23. Jamie McDell with Robert Ellis – Worst Crime (The Botox EP)

Bold = Request

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Episode 05: posted 11.10.2019


  1. Nice to see some Couch by Couchwest alumni on here. Riley Baugus (friggin legend), the incomparable Matt Woods, our sweetheart Emi Sunshine, and John fucking Moreland of course. We may have to come out of retirement and plug this little podcast….

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