Sliding in here in an unapologetic attempt to steal some of your music listening time over the extended Thanksgiving vacation time. Hell. If I had my druthers you’d play it loud and proud when the entire family has gathered but beggers can’t be choosers. It’s a good one though. I do a mini Thanksgiving “themed” set with EmiSunshine, Morgan Wade, and MAtt Woods. I also include brand new material from The Secret Sisters, Benjamin Tod, Jade Jackson, John Moreland, and Sadler Vaden (Jason Isbell’s guitarist).

So. Set aside 98 minutes and give it a listen then come back and tell me what your favorite song was. Other than that, have a great Thanksgiving. Eat. Drink. Be merry and remember, no matter how much their politics may differ from yours they are still family and that matters more.

See y’all in December!

TRACK LISTING: [Artist – Song (Album)]

01. Cowboy Diplomacy – Mountain Men (Single)
02. Sadler Vaden – Next To You (Anybody Out There?)
03. Nathan Seeckts – Thunder and Rain (Heart Of The City)
04. David Allen – Judgement Day (Regrets and Retribution)
05. Emisunshine and the Rain – Family Wars (Family Wars)
06. Morgan Wade – The Night (Single)
07. Matt Woods – Cold Civil War (Natural Disasters)
08. Jade Jackson – Loneliness (Wilderness)
09. The Secret Sisters – Cabin (Saturn Return)
10. Charlie Marie – Rhinestones (Charlie Marie EP)
11. Benjamin Tod – Long Gone (A Heart Of Gold Is Hard To Find)
12. Ian Noe – Letter to Madeline (Between The Country)
13. The Bean Pickers Union – Glory (Archaeology)
14. Bart Crow – Wear My Ring (I’m Not Finished)
15. Nick Dittmeier – Its Gonna Break Your Heart (Companion EP)
16. Worry Dolls – The River (The River EP)
17. Abe Partridge – Out of Alabama Blues (Cotton Fields and Blood For Days)
18. Vincent Neil Emerson – Letters on the Marquee (Fried Chicken & Evil Women)
19. Zach Bryan – Heading South (Single)
20. Paul Luc – Vengeance (Bad Seed)
21. John Moreland – East October (LP5)
22. Sarah Lee Langford – Two Hearted Rounder (Two Hearted Rounder)
23. William Elliot Whitmore – Old Devils (Animals In The Dark)

Bold = Request

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Episode 06: posted 11.23.2019

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