Ninebullets Radio: Episode 10

Not a lot to say here. Since the last show I spent a week in the mountains snowboarding only to come home to a sick dog to complete the flying dropkick on my wallet.

The show has been bounced from Spotify permanently because they decided it was music distribution despite me not being able to play a musical instrument at all and this podcast being my only connection to the musical industry. Whatever. We shall forge on. I did add the site to Soundcloud in an effort to mitigate the damage.

Okay. Enough of me bitching. Got some new The White Buffalo, Ashley McBryde, Zach Bryan, Sadler Vaden, and lots of others. Give the show 2 hours and I guarantee you’re gonna walk away with a new band you wanna check out.

Let’s do this.

Here is the playlist [Artist – Song (Album)]:

01. Asaf Avidan & the Mojos – Reckoning Song (The Reckoning)
02. Morgan Wade & the Stepbrothers – Songs I Won’t Remember (Puppets With My Heart)
03. Sadler Vaden – Modern Times (Anybody Out There?)
04. Nolan Taylor – 500 (GemsOnVHS)
05. Zach Bryan – Rest, Rose
06. The Lovers – Train In a Hurricane (The Lovers EP)
07. Benchmarks – Technicolor
08. Little Teeth – Thinning Out (Redefining Home)
09. Lucero – Everything Has Changed (Among The Ghost)
10. The White Buffalo – The Rapture (On The Widow’s Walk)
11. Emily Scott Robinson – Ghost in Every Town (Traveling Mercies)
12. Van Darien – Twisted Metal (Levee)
13. Will Quinlan and The Holy Slow Train – We Bastard Souls
14. Drive-By Truckers – Babies in Cages (The Unraveling)
15. Indigo Girls – Shit Kickin’ (Look Long)
16. Justin Wells – Ruby (The Burl Sessions)
17. The Copper Tones – Just Can’t Stop (Home Again)
18. The Lost Brothers – Eight Hundred Miles (After The Fire After The Rain)
19. Matt Woods – Hey, Heartbreaker (Natural Disasters)
20. Ben Davis Jr. – Sunday Morning (Suthernahia)
21. Jade Jackson – Bottle It Up (Wilderness)
22. Ashley McBryde – First Thing I Reach For (Never Will)
23. Possessed by Paul James – In the Dark of Morning (As We Go Wandering)
24. The SteelDrivers – Bad For You (Bad For You)
25. Nathan Kalish – Kalimoto
26. Josh Smith – Dogwood Winter
27. Kory Quinn – Only A Hobo (The Blueroom)
28. Benjamin Tod – Long Gone (A Heart of Gold Is Hard To Find)

Bold = Request

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Episode 10: posted 02.29.2020

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