Ninebullets Radio: Episode 11: Sunday Morning Covid Down Edition

“May You Live In Interesting Times.” ~ Traditional Chinese Curse

Man. We are there aren’t we. I have brought my office home at this point and am pretty much only leaving the house to go to the grocery store on occasion to stare at empty shelves. No concerts, no hockey, no fun so I decided to make a new show. You’re in the same boat as me so set aside 2 hours and give it a listen. We got new material from Caleb Caudle, American Aquarium, Larkin Poe, Hellbound Glory, The Masterons, and lots of others.

Stay safe out there kids and mind what the CDC is saying, ignore the orange chucklehead. stay socially distant and with any luck we’ll be back to business as normal sooner than later. Till then, I was thinking about making a weekly 1-hour show while we’re under quarantine/shelter-at-home status. Anyone have any interest in that?

Here is the playlist [Artist – Song (Album)]:

01. Have Gun, Will Travel – Standing At The End Of The World (Fiction, Fact or Folktale?)
02. Morgan Wade & the Stepbrothers – Songs I Won’t Remember (Puppets With My Heart)
03. Matt Woods – Hey, Heartbreaker (Natural Disasters)
04. Lucero – Everything Has Changed (Among The Ghosts)
05. Larkin Poe – She’s A Self Made Man (She’s A Self Made Man)
06. Bob Fleming and the Cambria Iron Company – Flip of a Coin (Mother Mary)
07. Caleb Caudle – Monte Carlo (Better Hurry Up)
08. American Aquarium – The Long Haul (Lamentations)
09. Sadler Vaden – Don’t Worry (Anybody Out There?)
10. The Mastersons – The Last Laugh (No Time For Love Songs)
11. Van Darien – American Steel (Levee)
12. Uncle Lucius – Keep The Wolves Away (Uncle Lucius)
13. Gabe Lee – Honky Tonk Hell (Honky Tonk Hell)
14. Ashley McBryde – First Thing I Reach For (Never Will)
15. The SteelDrivers – Bad For You (Bad For You)
16. Hellbound Glory – Damned Angel (Pure Scum)
17. The White Buffalo – The Rapture (On The Widows Walk)
18. Hailey Whitters – The Devil Always Made Me Think Twice (The Dream)
19. Jade Jackson – Bottle It Up (Wilderness)
20. Rookie – Sunglasses (Rookie)
21. Justin Wells – Ruby (The Burl Sessions)
22. Rye Davis – King Me (Rye Davis)
23. Ritch Henderson – If It’s Only For Tonight (Single)
24. Joshua Ray Walker – Voices (Voices)
25. Jason Isbell – What’ve I Done to Help (Reunions)
26. Nathan Kalish – Pam & Tim (Songs For Nobody)
27. Jared Rabin – No Direction (No Direction)
28. Anna Lynch – Hotter Than Hades (Apples In The Fall)
29. Zach Bryan – Rest, Rose (Single)
30. Glossary – Trouble Won’t Last Always (Long Live All Of Us)

Bold = Request

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Episode 11: posted 03.22.2020

2 thoughts on “Ninebullets Radio: Episode 11: Sunday Morning Covid Down Edition

  1. Lucero will always be my fave, but I’m going to dismiss them in favor of these on this pod:
    Ashley Mcbride
    Hailey Whitters
    Morgan Wade
    They’re all great though so it’s a tough choice.

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