We’re Back! Ninebullets Radio: Episode 01

Look what the cat dragged in. God damnit I missed you nerds.

Man. No matter how hard I try I just can’t quit this ish. I’ll be honest. I am not sure anyone cares what I think is good music anymore but I guess we’re about to find out. Confessionals aside, man it is good to be back doing something to promote bands I love!

We’re coming in hot right out of the gate. Got that new Sturgill Simpson on tap. Ms. Eilen Jewell has put out a new album that does nothing to discredit her stellar catalog so you know we were gonna drop a song from that. Larkin Poe is keeping it delta and dirty. I have the often rumore but rarely heard new Will Quinlan song as well as a Whiskey Myers song that is, as the kids say, straight fire.

So. Do me a favor. Set an hour and a half aside and put your earholes on these songs. Who knows. Your next favorite band might be in there somewhere. If you enjoy the show please like, subscribe, do all that social media stuff and then, go old school and tell your friends about us.


01. Drive-By Truckers – Nine Bullets (Pizza Deliverance)
02. Edward David Anderson – The Ballad of Lemuel Penn (Chasing Butterflies)
03. Lost Dog Street Band – Terrible And True (Weight Of A Trigger)
04. Uncle Lucius – Keep The Wolves Away (And You Are Me)
05. Joshua Morningstar – Sellout (The Plea)
06. Cody Jinks – Must Be The Whiskey (Lifers)
07. Larkin Poe – Bleach Blonde Bottle Blues (Venom & Faith)
08. Sturgill Simpson – Sing Along (Sound & Fury)
09. Whiskey Myers – Bury My Bones (Bury My Bones)
10. The Highwomen – Highwomen (Highwomen)
11. Charlie Marie – Rhinestones (S/T)
12. LOLO – The Courtyard (In Loving Memory of When I Used To Give A Shit)
13. Will Quinlan – The Importance of Being Earnest (Unreleased)
14. Have Gun, Will Travel – Blood On The Stage (Strange Chemistry)
15. Eilen Jewell – Crawl (Gypsy)
16. Charles Wesley Godwin – Coal Country (Seneca)
17. Matt Woods – My Southern Heart (Natural Disasters)
18. John R. Miller – Red Eyes (The Trouble You Follow)
19. The Hill Country Devil – Kerr County Dopesick Blues (Nicotine and China White)
20. Justin Wells – Three Quarters Gone (Dawn In The Distance)
21. Lizzo – Juice

Well Shit. I guess I am doing this:

Hoping to make the debut show of the 9bRadio reboot this weekend. Hope people still care enough to listen. There will be a show by Monday provided the Libsyn tutorial I downloaded explains how to get it onto 9bRadio.net. If it doesn’t; new show as soon as I figure all of that out.

Is is good to be back. I think I have a rad show for y’all.

Another video while we wait for me to get everything ready for shows:

This is a really fun song I stumbled across about 6 months ago and have revisited a many times since. The work for the site is complete as of tonight. I feel like I will be getting the graphics soon. After that it is just signing up for a podcast host and making the shows. I am, honestly, excited. I have a feeling there will be multiple shows a month for a few months just because I am super hyped. I am a little worried I have lost the “ear to the street” vibe that 9b had back in the day but we’ll find out soon enough.


More later. For now. I need a logo. Do you have design skills that can make me a header? If so, please, hit me up. I can not offer you any of that awesome ass exposure but I can offer you some boring old cash. Anyhow. See y’all in a month or so. Till then here is an awesome ass cover/remix from Nashville’s newest supergroup; The Highwomen.