Well Shit. I guess I am doing this:

Hoping to make the debut show of the 9bRadio reboot this weekend. Hope people still care enough to listen. There will be a show by Monday provided the Libsyn tutorial I downloaded explains how to get it onto 9bRadio.net. If it doesn’t; new show as soon as I figure all of that out.

Is is good to be back. I think I have a rad show for y’all.

One thought on “Well Shit. I guess I am doing this:

  1. Bryan,
    Been meaning to write something like this for a few weeks now, in short, thanks for the shows, it’s like old times. Good to hear your voice again, and the shows make crappy days a whole lot better. Please keep it going.
    Not sure how much you need ‘suggestions’ for songs to listen to, but Craig Moreau’s ‘a different kind of train song’ has been a recent favorite. Not sure how these would fit into your shows, but Skyscraper Stan ‘Golden Boy 1 & 2’ and William the Conqueror’s ‘Bleeding on the Soundtrack’ (local band for me) are 2 well-played records for me right now.
    Enough anyway. Just wanted to say ‘thanks’. Be in touch, Al (Somerset, UK)

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